Monday, July 25, 2016

Sinnard and Kasperbauer win 2016 Papa Joe Classic.......Duff wins Muny Club Tourney!

2016 Champions Steve Sinnard and Denny Kasperbauer
Defending Champion repeats this year and drinks from the cup
Champion Steve Sinnard drinking from cup
Past champs having fun!

The past champions toasting to their success!
John Heim getting past champion John Dukes' ball! Champions do have their privileges! 
Papa Joe Pick, Brooks Golf Pro John Bramblett and Mike Franey
Welcome sign compliments of Auen Distributing

Congratulations Tom Duff! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

He's BACK....Happy Memorial Day.....Mertz aces four...Go Knights at State!

Happy Memorial Day to all! 

Mertz aces # 4 on 5/17
It was a gorgeous night for golf on Tuesday night. After a 345 day medical leave of absence Bud Light's Steve Sinnard was finally cleared to play. His eagerness to prove to his team that he was back and ready to compete was evident from the start. Armed with two glasses of ice cold keg beer compliments of Craig Mertz from his hole in one last week Sinnard took dead aim at Aaron Ahrendson. Sinnard topped Ahrendson and was joined by Bud Two Troy Auen as the only two winners. Mike Schulz was beaten by Jake Buelt and Bud Two toppled one of Larry's grandsons Kyler Ludwig. Another graduate from the Hyvee Store Director's golf academy Brad Auge took care of this publisher in a seesaw match. There were nothing but smiles in all the isles on Wednesday as Auge informed shoppers of his triumph. Bud Light and the law firm battled to a 4 - 4 draw.

Good Luck to the Kuemper Knights Golf Team at State! 

Bierl Carpet One tied the defending champions Kimmes Country Stores. Brad Hempstead and Kevin Milligan led the way with back nine 35's beating Iam Kimmes and Jake Kimmes repectively. Steve Kimmes and Chris Van Dyke were winners for the past champs.

Harley Davidson of Carroll and supper league's most mature team battled to a draw. Jamming Joe Hinners and Head Hog Terry Ructhi beat Randy Hockom(retired Store Director needs to take some lessons from the current Store Director or make a trip to the academy) and Doc Sporrer. Bud One Jim Auen and Fairway Frank Comito beat Jay Drees and Subway Corey Bluml.

Volquarsten Firearms shot down OH BOBBY 7 to 1. Peter man Tony Pietif, Nic and Scott Volquartsen all hit the bulls eye for the gun company. Twenty time city champion and four time Grinnell Jr Champion Mike "Jewels" Eckerman was the only one to miss the target for the gunners tying Tony Feldmann.

Flegaard and Ford #2 tied their match. Eric Hammer Time and Wade Wilkie beat the Horbach boys, Blake and John.

Jake Kimmes was the closest to the pin on #17, Chris Van Dyke nailed the longest putt on #18, Steve Kimmes was low net. Lots of awards for the defending champs just not a lot of team points.

Westside State Savings Bank beat Family Specialty Medical Center 5.5 to 2.5. Plumber butt Wyatt Haukap and Mr. clean Michael Kasperbauer were winners for the bankers. Chemical Dirk Glynn was the only winner for the medical clinic.

Mid Iowa Team blasted the oil barrels of Community Oil. Paul Tile Tigges, Mouthpiece 2 Tom Duff and Junkyard Cuda Quandt were are winners for the former champions. Papa Joe Pick was beaten by Jerry Janson. Pick was over heard on the tarmac in front of the pro shop before league saying how he should get some scores posted. Really Mr. Pick why not adopt the post when play attitude? Where are the 50 rounds from the Arizona desert? Just an observation from the desk of this publisher.

Highway 30 Car Wash smashed Graddy's Tomatoes 6 to 2. Counter top Pay Malloy, Curtis Stork and Car Wash Todd Pettitt were are winners. Captain Randy Bierl fell to Dr. Decay Nick Fangman.

Wittrock Motor Company adjusted the lot pins of JEO Surveying 6 to 2.
Congratulations to The Hawk of the Year....Kevin Wittrock

Ford #1 reglazed the windows of Carroll Glass 6 to 2. Darin Putney and Clint Cummings won for the car guys while Benton Snyder and Andy Reiman tied Brad Woodard and Steve Blue Herrin.

Casket Kyle Atkinson was closest to the pin on #8, Mr. Clean Michael Kasperbauer was low net and Darin Putney and Paul Tile Tigges were low gross.

Welcome back Micaela! 

Happy Memorial Weekend to all! As always this Bud's for you and ON IOWA!

Bud Light Championship Captain
Mouthpiece 2


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Defending Champs top Bud Light......Cuda ships driver back....Hwy 30 Car wash sweeps up!

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The first night of the 2016 Men’s Supper League is in the books.

Your Bud Light Team suffered a loss to the defending champions Kimmes Country Stores 5 to 3. Long time subscriber, top local amateur, highly successful and more veteran golfer Craig Mertz was the only winner for Carroll’s most popular league team by beating Ian Kimmes. Bud Two Troy Auen tied Chris Van Dyke. Mouthpiece Mike Franey and Bud Three Steve Hans Auen were conveniently beaten by Jake Kimmes and Steve Kimmes. Steve Sinnard is scheduled to be off the injured reserve list in the near future and Mike Schulz was thinking about fishing.

Image result for Champion fordChampion #2 beat the most mature team Stiffsticks 6 to 2. Brad Woodard and Eric Hammer Time beat Templeton’s Doc Sporrer and Trusty Mike Nelson respectively. Bud One Jim Auen and Howard’s son in law Denny Kasperbauer powder puffed to a tie.

Volquartsen Firearms beat Fleggard 5 to 2. Numbers Bobby Muhlbauer the only winner for the fleas. Does anyone know what that name really means? Tony Pietig and three babies
Life changers! Precious! 
Nic Volquartsen were winners for the gun shop.

“Oh Bobby” beat Bierl Carpet One. Leon Muhlbauer and Taxy Tony Feldman were winners in memory of the head man of Iowa Corn Processors!

Harley Davidson of Carroll won jury trial over EVWS Law Firm. Aaron Ahrendsen led the way for the lawyers with a low net 32. Jamming Joe Hinners and Nervous upcoming newlywed Corey Bluml won for the bikers.

Eric Hammer Time was longest putt on 8 and Peter man Tony Pietig was closest to the pin on 17

The cool weather and the breeze did not bother the Hwy 30 Car Wash as they shut out Community Oil. The oil company were without the head oil jobber Chico Kanne. Car wash Todd Pettit, Curtis Stork along with the Budweiser team transplants Captain Randy Bierl and Countertop Pat Malloy started the year with a clean sweep.

Champion Ford and Mid Iowa battled to a tie. Wade Wilkie beat Paul Tile Tigges and Steve blue Herrin beat Papa Joe Pick. Junkyard Dog Steve Cuda Quandt  beat Darin Putney and Produce Tom Duff beat Monument Man Loren Boyce.

Image result for graddy's tomatoes iowa

Westside State Bank smashed Graddy’s Tomatoes 6 to 2. Head Teller Matt Lujano, Michael Kasperbauer and Brandon Vonnahme all winners for the bankers. Dr. Nick Fangman the only winner for the tomatoes.

JEO Consulting broke the plate glass of Carroll Glass 7 to 1. No winners for the glass company while Dr. Bogue’s low net 33 carried the surveyors to the win.
Image result for The krank driverWittrock Motors ran over Family Specialty Medical Center who only had two of their 9 golfers present.

Low net was Cuda Quandt. On course reporters notice Quandt’s new driver “The Krank” had a return shipping label on it before the round was completed. No testimonial on the company web site from Carroll Iowa. This publisher thinks a better name for the driver would be “The Clanker.” 

Closest to the pin was Shaun Quam on hole 8 and Produce Tom Duff drained a three foot sidewinder to win longest putt on 9.  
Other things on my mind......
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  • Jewels Mike Eckerman and Bill Manski(Craig's buddy from Algona) lost 2 to 1 this morning at the 49th Iowa Cup Matches at the Riverside Casino just south of beautiful Iowa City before getting rained out this afternoon Check out the website.

Don't forget about the I Club banquet in Arcadia on May 12th

Check this out! 

That should do it for week one! 

Fairways and Greens to all! 

On Iowa and Go Hawks!